Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The most dangerous sections of the Lions attacks on humans and on each other►clips very rare buffalo

International Business Times UK-5 dec. 2016
Vicious brawl between buffalo and pack of lionesses was featured on ... you want the hungry lions to be able to eat, but you also want the buffalo to ... But this isn't the first unsuccessful kill we've seen in Planet Earth II so far
David Attenborough continued target the young in Planet Earth II by

DIY Fidget Spinner Fishing Reel Catches Fish!!! (FISHING CHALLENGE)

The worlds first DIY fidget spinner fishing reel!! I had this wild idea that I just had to make a reality. I incorporated a fishing reel with a fidget spinner and headed out on the water to use it and and try and catch fish…AND I DID! This was a blast to do and I hope all of you guys enjoyed watching as much as I did doing this challenge. MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Fishing for Cobia on Bull Sharks - ft. Layne Norton - 4K

I went out fishing with fitness celebrity Layne Norton and the goal was to catch cobia on huge bull sharks. After chumming up the sharks, the cobia started showing up! All of a sudden, our boat was surrounded by over 50 cobia. It was madness

How to tie the strongest & most reliable fishing knot

A hybrid Clinch & Palomar knot with added security of a double overhand created the strongest and most reliable fishing knot
Step by step close-up instructions with tips & tricks in 1080p HD

BARBELL Custom Shotgun Slugs - Two-Headed Beast

We finally shot Tim Hamilton's steel slugs we are calling "barbells" because we messed up and called his other, similar slugs "dumbbells". These were quite a bit heavier, weighing 1.40 oz. or 40 grams. With the powder load we used, these should have been going over 1500 FPS. Not a pleasant round to shoot at all

Monday, 24 April 2017

How to tie a D rig - Demonstration by Ready Rigs

How to tie the D rig - Demonstration showing one way of tying the popular D rig used in carp fishing. popularised in Korda underwater 7. If you're still struggling to tie this rig Ready Rigs will tie them to order for you using quality branded components

Airpoirt St Maarten ✱ Amazing Biggest airplanes Boeing 747 - USAF C-17 - F-AZKU

Airpoirt St Maarten ? Amazing Biggest airplanes Boeing 747 - USAF C-17 - F-AZKU

Requested Flight: USAF C-17 [01-0192] Takeoff Portland Airport 
EVA Air 747-400 [B-16411] Landing Vancouver Airport (YVR)
A Surprising Visitor - Lufthansa Boeing 747-8I at Leipzig/Halle Airport 
When Aircraft Were Still Allowed to Smoke
Curtiss P-40 "Warhawk" (F-AZKU) at Hahnweide Air Show 2013

Double Buck Down

Two bucks arrowed with recurve bow on veterans day 11.12.12. First buck in ct in am, second buck in mass in pm. Filmed with GoPro Hero2 attached to bow. The recurve was a custom made Ed Mikuta bow from Rome NY, 52 inch, 50 pound at 28" draw
special thanks again to ed for his quality craftmanship and performance in his work

Sunday, 23 April 2017

DIY - Fishing Tips - How to Put Bait on Spring Feeder Fish -Cách Nắm mồi Lancer Chép hiệu quả

Lancer Fishing - How to Placing Bait on Feeder Fish -Cách N?m m?i Lancer Chép hi?u qu?
Presentation carp bait on fish feeder
This method is very effective with a carp feeding
When carp timid around picking up the bait. It easily hooked

Free-Lining Chicken to Catch Catfish in VERY SHALLOW WATER

I had a full boat. The goal of this trip was to get everyone a fish. We boated 10 catfish in a span of two hours. The action was pretty good. We drifted with chicken breast below Chickamauga Dam. The action gets really good this time of the year as a lot of the skipjack and shad make their runs below dams. This spring in particular, we've had swarms of gizzard and threadfin shad. I typically like drift fishing with little to no current. I seem to do better in these conditions

When: April 14, 2017
Where: Chickamauga Dam, Tennessee River
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Water Temperature: 67°
Current Level: 11,000 cfs
Bait: Chicken breast
Tackle: Gander Mountain "Competitor" medium action spinning rod spooled with 10 lb monofiliament line carolina rigged with no sinker down to a 20 lb monofilament leader line down to a 4/0 kahle hook and a Medium Heavy 7' Shakespere Ugly Stik rod with a Quantum Optix OP40 spinning reel spooled with 20 lb monofilament line carolina rigged with no sinker down to a 20 lb monofilament leader line with a 4/0 kahle hook 
Method: Drift fishing from my 17' Aluminum G3 Gator Jon Boat

Monster bull moose gets devastated at 12yards by a Toxic Broadhead

Special thanks to Steve & Jacquie Shore of Hitmen Canada T

I could think of worse  ways for a wild moose to die... as in just about every other way possible. I swear, some people must think wild animals just pass peacefully in their sleep after reaching a ripe old age

Saturday, 22 April 2017

40-Feet Long Shark in Karachi Fish Harbour 07-02-2012

A 40-feet long Shark washed ashore near Karachi fisheries harbor authority. People make way towards Karachi Fisheries Harbor Authority to gawk at the magnificently enormous dead shark that washed ashore, earlier today. Authorities have been struggling, trying to untangle the humongous creature by hoisting it out thorough a crane. This is not the first time Karachi beach has welcomed such a massive fish carcass. Last September, a 25-feet long dead whale washed ashore Karachi beach attracting a large number of spectators. The fish was found nearly 150km away from the beach and is rumored to be as costly as 100,000 Rs or more

Friday, 21 April 2017

Wild Animals Car Attack - Elephant, Lion, Goat ... Sudden Attack

Imagine that you are there but without a car how to feel I am dying before close to me

Primitive DIY Prawn Trap - Catch n Cook!

How to make a Primitive DIY Prawn Trap and catch n cook some tasty 'Ginger' Prawns

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Most Spectacular Big Cat Attacks Compilation including Lion Attack, Leopard, Tiger, Jaguar, Cheetah

This clip features some of the most amazing and spectacular Big Cat Attacks Including Lion Attacks Hyena, Giraffe, Zebra, Crocodile & Buffalo, Leopard Attack Porcupine, deer & Wildebeest, Tiger Attacks Deer and Gaur Buffalo, Cheetah Attacks Ostrich & Antelope and Jaguar Attacks Caiman Crocodile and Capybara. Enjoy! (Lion vs Hyena, Lion vs Zebra, vs Buffalo, Leopard vs Porcupine, Leopard vs deer, Leopard vs Wildebeest, Tiger vs Deer, Tiger vs Gaur Buffalo, Cheetah vs Ostrich, Cheetah vs Antelope, Jaguar vs Crocodile, Jaguar vs Capybara)

GRABBING Sucker Fish from a River

Grabbing is the fishing technique used to catch fish in rivers and lakes for species of fish that won't eat lures. I'm in Arkansas with Outlaw close to the Favorite Fishing ranch, and we are attempting to grab suckers with local experts. When we get to the river, we realize that it is harder fishing that what it sounds like. The sucker fish are bottom feeders and blend in very well with the river rocks. We ended up snagging a bucket full of yellow suckers and buffalo. These fish have very good meat and are good for eating. Well show you how to skin these sucker fish and carp for a catch and cook. We ate these fish at the Favorite ranch house and I was impressed with the flaky white meat these fish produce

Tomato/Onion/Mango Steamed Fish Cooking in My Village - Super Sea Fish Dish

wow! i like it, the way of preparation and making the dish sooooo funtastic... i can  imagine the taste of sweetness and sour of tomato and mango plus the tenderness of fish . look soo delicious. probably the smell of aroma from banana leaf is soooo incredible

Runaway Bull "When bulls go wild"

Runaway bull from the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo runs wild on the streets of Rapid City, South Dakota. Produced by Black Hills FOX News 2007

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Shark verses man and wins then over populated sting rays get eaten by bow hunters.

Watch the strength of a shark pull a bow fisherman's bow apart. It nearly pulls him off the boat. Then see huge sting ray taken with the bow from an under water camera views. All fish were eaten as well

Funny Videos Of Animals Doing Stupid Things [Part 3] Hiu Hiu TV

Funny Videos Of Animals Doing Stupid Things [Part 3] Hiu Hiu TV