Monday, 22 August 2016

200lb Wild Hog: Cook and Kill!!! DMFD

I can promise you, cactus dust, original everglades and black pepper was all I used on the ribs and the ham

Saturday, 20 August 2016

How to catch Big Fish in Thailand► AMAZING Catching fish in Thailand

{How you can|Tips on how to|The right way to} catch Big Fish in Thailand? AMAZING Catching seafood in Thailand

Friday, 19 August 2016

NDP change hunting laws after bear spear hunt viral video

Sheila Gunn Reid reports on the circumstances that led to the NDP deciding to create new anti-hunting legislation. Watch Sheila's video as she explains how an American hunter's Youtube video stirred up the passions of the leftist SJW mob that the NDP follow

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

{Become|End up being|Get} The Hunter, Not The Hunted - Hunting {Security|Protection|Basic safety} Tips Everyone Should {Understand|Find out}

Out of all of the sports participated in around the world, trying is taken under consideration to be one amongst the foremost dangerous. due to this, many safety precautions ought to be created to form positive your safety, additional as a result of the protection of those around you. this may not be emphasized enough, as your life and so the lives of your companions ought to be protected once you ar going trying, whether or not or not it's coon trying, deer hunt, deer trying or straightforward fowl trying. There ar several categories of trying safety you have to be compelled to detain mind, that contains the following

Hunting instrumentality

Gun Safety
Bow Safety
Hunting Safety Courses
Seasonal looking Safety
Hunting instrumentality

Having the correct weapon and discount looking provides to travel looking is that the 1st thought you need to create once getting ready for a visit. If you're about to hunt cervid, you would like to form bound that you simply have a gun or bow applicable for cervid. a regular handgun, as an example, is taken into account associate inappropriate gun kind for hunt, whereas a bow or rifle ar thought-about the proper gun for the task. Taking a cervid looking rifle hunt would be thought-about inappropriate, as these guns ar too powerful.

In addition to having the correct sort of gun, you would like to form bound you have got everything you need to scrub and field dress the animal you're looking. This prevents unnecessary journeys back to your truck or different vehicle. you ought to conjointly make sure you're carrying the correct wear for the trip. This typically consists of the brilliant orange vests and hats, further as different brilliantly coloured wear thus different hunters will see you simply. whereas camouflage could facilitate forestall the cervid from seeing you, it conjointly prevents different hunters from seeing you. this will lead to your death, as different hunters could mistake you for a cervid or another animal.
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Gun Safety

When you ar searching with a gun, there ar many things that you just ought to detain mind. the security on the weapon ought to air in any respect times, unless you're getting ready to fireside at your quarry. The gun must always be pointed removed from you et al., and ne'er at your own feet. Being shot within the foot is extremely uncomfortable, and needs surgery to repair the fragile bones. This precaution ought to be taken notwithstanding whether or not or not the security on the weapon is on or off. ought to the security fail, it's abundant safer to own the gun misfire wherever nobody are hit.

The second primary thought you must build is often taking correct care of your weapon. A well cared for weapon shouldn't misfire or gift redundant risk to yourself and your companions. A gun that has not had this level of care runs risk of misfiring, having a packed barrel, or worse.

Bow Safety

Hunting with a bow are some things that takes tons of ability and energy to try to to. On account of this, there ar even as several, if less precautions a bow hunter should absorb ready to hunt safely. Before you go searching together with your bow, you would like to create bound that your bow has been totally checked. If the string or wire used on your bow appearance worn, replace it before you're come in the sphere. whereas a snapped bow string typically solely causes delicate welts or cuts, it's perpetually best to own instrumentation in prime form before going press on your trip. If you're employing a bow, you may need to create bound that you just have the correct arm guards with you, which {you ar|you're} carrying them once you notch your arrow and are getting ready to kill the animal you're searching. This helps defend you from injuries thanks to snapping strings or string rebound

Another facet of bow safety that you just ought to detain mind is ensuring that you just have a bow that matches your strength. whereas having the ability to tug a heavier bow is taken into account a badge of honor among several hunters, actuation a bow that's too serious for you'll be able to cause painful injuries which will take tons of your time to heal. If you put into effect actuation a heavier bow therefore you'll be able to kill larger prey love cervid, you must take the time and care to figure up slowly to the heavier bow. this may facilitate forestall strained or torn muscles within the future
Hunting Safety Courses

Before you exit looking, particularly if you've got not been looking during a whereas, you must certify you participate during a looking safety course in your space. Safety courses think again gun safety and handling, similarly as teach or prompt you the fundamentals to the care and precautions that ought to be taken. several of those courses cowl looking laws in your space, that you must be aware of before you go looking. looking safety courses also are sensible for those people that don't hunt, however sleep in a section wherever a great deal of looking takes place

Seasonal looking Safety

In some areas, particularly heavily wooded areas, seasonal looking safety are some things that you just must always confine mind. As several hunters square measure get into force throughout specific looking seasons, you must perpetually certify that you just square measure carrying bright, simply seen vesture so hunters will simply establish that you just aren't a ruminant or another sort of animal that they're looking for. this is applicable whether or not or not you're a hunter, and particularly if you're not on your own property. once looking, you must perpetually have permission from the land house owners to hunt on their property, so you'll not be in {an square measurea|a neighborhood|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a part|a section} wherever there are probably to be youngsters or people that might be accidentally shot by either gun or arrow

If you retain all of those things in mind, you must be able to go looking while not golf stroke yourself or others in danger of injury or death. If you reside in a section wherever looking is common, knowing looking safety rules will defend you similarly, as information is protection once it involves weapons of any kind


Top Ten Most Popular Fishing Video Clips

My top 10 best Florida fishing gopro video clips from last year! Check out my most popular videos; sharks, bass, jumping sailfish and even alligator hunting in this great compilation. Not a dull moment here! Cast nets, extreme shark fishing, sailfish, mulletrun, bull sharks, big snook, and's all in there. COMMENT BELOW & TELL US YOUR FAVORITE CLIPS IN THIS VIDEO! Links to the full videos are below

Monday, 15 August 2016

LOBSTER!!!! tons of them!!! DMFD

the 2016 Florida Mini Season was a huge success!!! We caught our limit every day and even managed to snag a huge Snowy Grouper and a legal swordfish!!! If you're interested in the gloves that we're wearing

Fishing from a Styrofoam Boat?! Extreme Fishing for the Legendary Bonefish

I never thought I'd say this but... I went fishing out of a styrofoam boat. In order to fish a secret channel LOADED with bonefish, unique measures had to be taken to get on the water and out to the fish

Saturday, 13 August 2016

$25 Bass Fishing Challenge b

Well this bass fishing challenge is an interesting one. You guys should go out and give it a shot. Bass fishing in Maryland is a tough but always a good time to hang out with Mike. Make sure to hit that THUMBS UP for me if you enjoyed the video

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Shark Challenge with NFL Linebacker Sam Barrington - ft. Chew On This

In this episode of BlacktipH, Josh and Capt. Ben Chancey from Chew On This challenge NFL star linebacker Sam Barrington from the Green Bay Packers to a shark fishing challenge. The challenge is for Sam to catch 12 sharks back to back. It didn't take long for us to see our first shark. After several sandbar sharks circled the boat, a group of big bull sharks emerged from the depths. Josh tossed a bonito out and within seconds Sam was hooked up on his first shark of the day. It was a long battle, but Sam prevailed and landed the beastly bull shark. After releasing the first shark it became very clear to all of us that the shark challenge was going to be very tough

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Fishing the Symmes Creek

Hey guys, just doing a little fishing in the Symmes Creek in where we live in Southern Ohio. Had a pretty good day, and caught some dinner. Thanks for watching, and God bless....................J

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Tiger vs. Crocodile vs. Bear vs. Lion - Top Amazing Animal Fights HD

Tiger vs. Crocodile vs. Bear - Top Amazing Animal Fights HD

Saturday, 6 August 2016

the amazing,& strong fishing moments #fishing_australia_HQ

Fishing Australia is an Australian fishing television program, produced by WIN Television
The informative program first premiered in 2001 and is broadcast on WIN Television each Saturday. The program (at one stage) did broadcast on Channel 9 Perth, Channel 9 Adelaide and NBN Television

Friday, 5 August 2016

Huge Bluefin Tuna caught off San Diego coast

Fishing on the Vendetta July 10, 2016. James Wie and Lou Paz hooked up on 80lb. bluefin off San Diego offshore. There were many bait balls of anchovies all around us but none were biting on our sardines. James and i used surface irons and cast it in the middle of the freinzy

Fishing For Prehistoric Dinosaurs In Texas

Allyse and I landed a huge alligator gar near 7 foot and released it unharmed. this is one of my longer videos but there isnt too much content on alligator gar out there and i have always liked showing the whole story

Asian Boy Wonder Chases 10 Pound Bass When Fishing

Bass fishing with all the googans here in Florida. More to come

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Ohio River Action:Fishing for Blue catfish around mussel beds

In the summer months on rivers such as the Ohio river the deep flats provide a great food source that blue cats love. That food source is mussels
Find a good mussel bed on the deep water flats and you will not have to go nowhere else the rest of the day as the cats of all sizes will roam these flats in good numbers scavenging through the gravel/sand/mud mixed bottom for these small hard shell morsels
The bluecats will eat these mussels, absorb their flesh and later either regurgitate or evacuate the shells. It’s not uncommon to have loads of zebra mussel shells that the cats have left me in my live tank after a tournament

Defeated by Giant Amberjacks - ft. LakeForkGuy & HookandArrow - 4K

In this BlacktipH episode, Josh is targeting giant amberjacks with Justin from LakeForkGuy and JT from Hook and Arrow. We headed offshore to a deep shipwreck in 200+ft of water off the coast of Florida. As soon as we got to the wreck, we started marking fish. Once hooked, amberjacks will swim straight to the shipwreck and break you off. If the amberjacks don't break you off in the shipwreck, the next challenge is to avoid the sharks. There were many hungry bull sharks on this wreck! We hooked over 20 amberjacks and lost everyone either to the shipwreck or the sharks. We tried using live bait with heavy drag on a conventional reel, but we ran out of bait before we could land a fish. At the end of the day, Josh hooked up to a big Mahi and avoided the skunk

Greatest Fishing Challenge of All Time

What was thought to have been impossible was accomplished on this monumental day of fishing. The Greatest Fishing Challenge of all Time is billed with attacking sharks, rocketing Bonita and humongous Goliath Grouper

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Monday, 1 August 2016

TOP 15 Best eagle attacks in the world Vs(lion,Cat,Dog,Duck,Rabbit,Snake,Wolf,Goat..Etc)

Top 10 minutes from Eagles Attacks
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