Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Tidbits: Kayak Bowfishing - Gear Setup and Carp Bowfishing on Lake Champlain

Bowfishing is a great way to hone your archery skills in the off-season, while helping control non-native and invasive fish species. It's even more fun from a kayak. In this video I show some of the gear that I use, how to setup a kayak for bowfishing, and head out for a morning of kayak bowfishing on Lake Champlain in Vermont

Bow-fishing Is not Sporting!!! I rod fish, catch & release a live, to catch another day.  You guys kill the carp & that's it.  I see carp floating dead on the lakes all the time, where you have just killed them & left them. Here in NC, there has not been a state record fish caught in 30 years. They don't have a chance to grow old & large. There is no season on Carp

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