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That was Close! (Duck Hunting with an ALLIGATOR!!)

(!!That was Close! (Duck Hunting with an ALLIGATOR
(!!That was Close! (Duck Hunting with an ALLIGATOR!!)    

  This last weekend while duck hunting, I got way too close to an 8ft alligator!! There's lots of gators in the Florida Everglades, but I've never got so close to one before, especially by accident. They camouflage right in with the environment out there and unfortunately its hard to see it in the video. I also think it ate the duck that I was looking for in the sawgrass, hence the feathers... Well besides that crazy encounter and stepping in a deep hole it was a great hunt! My dad and I came home with 10 ducks for dinner!... Can't wait for our next hunt
And yes I know it's a Florida Mallard

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