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Un adolescente pesca un tiburón con solo una caña ! 0    0

En el video se aprecia como un adolescente captura un tiburón en la costa de australia del Sur con solo una caña de pescar. El joven dijo: "El tiburón medía más de tres metros de largo. Fue ...

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Longlining for Toothfish at Heard Island on Austral Leader I... 0    0

Follow the boys on the Austral Leader II as they head 4,000km south west of Perth to australia's only active volcano - Heard Island & McDonald Islands, to catch MSC certified Patagonian Toothfish ...

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Fishing Tropical Islands in Search of Monster GT | Part 3 Bi... 0    0

After catching my first ever Giant Trevally on a soft bait earlier in the morning (featured in part 2 link below) The current and fishing had slowed down at the camping area. It was now time to go exp...

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Cliff Jumping to Catch a Giant Queen Fish!! *Throwback* 0    0

Throwback to when I had to cliff jump from a new fishing spot to catch and release my biggest Queen-Fish ever! I recently re-discovered this footage when looking through an old hard drive. After watch...

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Cairns Black Marlin Fishing 0    0

Here are a few highlights from our fishing trip to the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns / Cooktown australia. All fish were released.... We fished on the Hellraiser2 with http://www.cairnsblackmarlinc...

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Daytime deep dropping for mega swordfish in Victoria australia. The boys broke the camera by dropping it so i was given only this basic footage to work with. Still a great story and real action.

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Veja nesses vídeos incriveis ataques de crocodilos gigantes a pessoas, são cenas de ataques de crocodilos que mostrar a força desse animal. Já foram gravados cenas de crocodilos do nilo, da aus...

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DEEP SEA FISHING - Catch n Cook! Cooked on the beach | TDB 0    0

After catching heaps of fish out at deep sea, we decided to take two of the smaller ones to the beach to cook up for lunch over the fire with a damn grapefruit. Cheers for watching bushwankers. ...

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GT POPPING WORLD's BIGGEST GT's - YouFishTV Part 2 0    0

New Caledonia March 2009: quite simply, the world's biggest GIANT TREVALLY on poppers. Featuring the French LPB boys and two Aussies fishing at a coral lagoon ocean barrier with GTs to 50kg+. The cli...

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Watch giant wild bluefin surface feed in the open ocean south of Tasmania. See us cast to them with insane results. Share in the lows of failure and highs of victory. This video is truly EPIC YouF...

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GIANT SOUTHERN BLUEFIN TUNA on Stella - YouFishTV Part 2 0    0

God blessed them and God said unto them "Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and RULE OVER THE FISH OF THE SEA and the fowl of the air and all the animals that scur...

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Spearfishing and Freediving in Australia 2 | Awesome Footage... 0    0

Spearfishing is a Safe, Sustainable and a Selective way to fish. Most of the fishes on this australian footage are not targeted species. Enjoy! *Music Used * 1.

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Shark Fishing Logan River - Stabbed By Worlds DEADLIEST Fish 0    0

I go out to The Logan River where I get STABBED by one of the worlds DEADLIEST fish but still manage to catch some Bull sharks. By the way, thank you for all the amazing comments and support you hav...

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