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Primitive Technology: Shrimp Fishing Using Pvc Pipe 0    0

Primitive technology shrimp fishing using pvc pipe Under water of the river the PVC pipe rope fish trap catch shrimp fish

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Targeting And Catching Flathead Catfish Close To The Bank 0    0

I fished Guntersville Lake to target some flathead catfish. It was a pretty slow morning, but I was able to find a few. The bite of a flathead can be so subtle that it can be easy to miss. Sometimes t...

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Wow ! Unique System Unbelievable Fishing ! Catch A Lot of Fi... 0    0

Wow Unique system unbelievable net fishing from river Here many types big fish Boal Taki Carp Catfish Silver Shrimp Pabda Gonia Bam Gagot Eel Golsha Indian Tilapia Grass carp and Gorma fish Fisherma...

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HOW TO - Cast Net - Ben Lockwood - (6 MULLET) Maroochydore Q... 0    0

Maroochydore. 6 Mullet in one go! Chambers Island Cast net provided by Ben demonstrates how to throw a cast net. From a shore and bridge. Maroochy river, Sunshine Coast,...

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Jeremy Reaches His Breaking Point Fishing in Australia 0    0

Jeremy`s attempt to reel in a fish ends in frustration and a badly-injured thumb. #riverMonsters Thursdays 10/9c on Animal Planet Watch ...

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Big Catla Fish Scaling By Woman & Fish Cutting By Popula... 0    0

Fish name: Catla and also known as major carp Fish weight: 17 KG. Fish Price: 1,200 BDT(About 15 USD) Per KG. Full Fish Price: 20,400 BDT( About 255 USD). Fishmonger charge to cut the fish: 300 BD...

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Free Lining for Catfish in DANGEROUS WATERS! 0    0

This is an unorthodox method to catch catfish; however, most people that fish along this railing know that it's quite common. There is a skill to doing this. Someone once showed me how to free line fo...

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Catching GIANT Fish in a FLOODED Creek 0    0

With the river blown out, I fished Chickamauga Creek with my buddy Phil. I was able to cast net about two dozen threadfin shad, which we used as bait. Our hunch was to catch catfish, but the freshwate...

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Free-Lining Cut Bait to Catch Catfish (Ft. Realistic Fishing... 0    0

The light tackle drifting has been on fire. We caught several catfish this day using cut skipjack. We were free-lining the bait with no sinkers. We let the weight of the bait naturally sink down. This...

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Fish Hunting,,catching lot of fish by hand from mud water,,i... 0    0

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Can You Believe This Fishing? Unique & Fastest Way Of Tr... 0    0

Most fastest tiny fish catching system from big beautiful river. Fish catching processing is very complex and so many thing need to give in river water to come fish near the fisheries. This fisher...

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The French Angler Tony Accart fight hard in spinning a big catfish over 2,00 meters underwater in a dangerous flooded river under the storm. Really Crazy Fight !! Video Credit @Tony Fishing Movie ww...

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Fishing For Catfish 0    0

Spent the day fishing for catfish at my favorite fishing spot. For bait, I used shrimp and my chicken liver chum bait. I modified the chicken liver chum bait by adding garlic powder and clam juice. Al...

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