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Plenty of action in a single afternoon. Before the big schools of fish started coming in, every tourist would ask me the same question: "Caught any?" "You," I told a tourist. &q...

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Kayak Fishing: BIG Sharks Offshore 0    0

In this episode of YakFish TV, Robert Field takes a trip to the Florida gulf coast with one goal: to catch a variety of new species from the kayak. The first target: sharks. Come along for the ride as...

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Bar fishing: Touch and catch of a big live live 0    0

Pêche au bar au leurre. Vidéo de pêche sportive d'un gros bar pris au petit matin sur une côte de Bretagne. Sea bass on lure pesca, pescaria de robalos...

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How to Make Crab & Fish Trap By Electric Fan - cooking ... 0    0

Here My New Channel show about Primitive Life Video Please Subscribe https://goo.gl/c8hkhi New Primitive Life Channel Please Subscribe : https://goo.gl/c8hkhi How to Make Crab & Fish Trap By E...

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Catch n Cook! Spanish Mackerel - Jet Ski to Secret Fishing I... 0    0

My mate Jye got his first Jet Ski and was frothing to take it on a fishing trip. Using google maps we discovered an unnamed (secret) rock that looked perfect for fishing, but we really had no idea! We...

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Catching carp in the reeds. Tactics of catching in the early... 0    0

Ловля карпа весной по холодной воде должна осуществляться с особой тактикой ;) Для рыбалки лучше выбирать сол...

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Pêche des CARNASSIERS en rivière 0    0

Voici mon résumé d'une heure de pêche, un soir d’août. Je n'étais pas sensé mettre cette session sur ma chaîne ma je le fais pour qu'elle ne sois pas à l'abandon pendant un an. J'espère q...

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Voici une sortie pêche à l'aimant neodyme super puissant avec beaucoup de trouvailles. Bonne video à vous tous. Here is a strong neodyme magnet fishing trip with a lots of finds. Good video to you...

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Giant Bluefin Tuna - July 2, 2011 0    0

On board the Amber Olive, searching for a giant bluefin tuna. uncensored and unedited. Enjoy. Sea Amber Charters seaamber.com 603.531.3474 Video : Michael Sander michaelsandervideo@gmail.co...

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Catching GIANT Fish in a FLOODED Creek 0    0

With the river blown out, I fished Chickamauga Creek with my buddy Phil. I was able to cast net about two dozen threadfin shad, which we used as bait. Our hunch was to catch catfish, but the freshwate...

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Free-Lining Cut Bait to Catch Catfish (Ft. Realistic Fishing... 0    0

The light tackle drifting has been on fire. We caught several catfish this day using cut skipjack. We were free-lining the bait with no sinkers. We let the weight of the bait naturally sink down. This...

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Fish Hunting,,catching lot of fish by hand from mud water,,i... 0    0

For more related video visits ............................................................. https://youtu.be/5DqIyxam3DM https://youtu.be/3HM8j8ZsWdU .................................................

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Electricity Fishing Catch Crocodile & Alot Of Fishes Alo... 0    0

Electricity Fishing Catch Crocodile & Alot Of Fishes Along lake - How To Believe This Fishing? Thank You So Much For Watching My Video. Please Subscribe, share, like and comment to see more vid...

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Independence Sportfishing - 7 day - Sept 14-21,2013 FULL VI... 0    0

The full video of all the clips from the 7 day Independence sportfishing 7 day trip. We fished offshore days 1 and 2. Days 3 and 4 were Natividad island and cedros for jumbo yellowtail. Day 5 offsh...

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Can You Believe This Fishing? Unique & Fastest Way Of Tr... 0    0

Most fastest tiny fish catching system from big beautiful river. Fish catching processing is very complex and so many thing need to give in river water to come fish near the fisheries. This fisher...

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Top 10 Crazy Fishing Moments 0    0

A look back at the craziest moments I've experienced and captured on film!

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EPIC TUNA frenzy in Panama!!! Turn up the volume!! 0    0

The FinAddix crew take a trip to Tropic Star Lodge... you wont believe what had happened next!! Camera man JJ Slater of Slater Productions jumps in to take a closer look as well!! AMAZING!

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Un adolescente pesca un tiburón con solo una caña ! 0    0

En el video se aprecia como un adolescente captura un tiburón en la costa de Australia del Sur con solo una caña de pescar. El joven dijo: "El tiburón medía más de tres metros de largo. Fue ...

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Pesca de Tiburon, Rio Negro - La Ensenada 0    0

Pesca de tiburon de los hermanos Romero y familia, de costa en La Ensenada - Rio Negro, Bacota de 2,12cm y 68kg

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How to catch Bonito in Japan 0    0

This is a traditional way (pole and line fishing) to catch Bonito in Japan. Fishermen are really skilled. Hope you enjoy watching this. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to Japanese FunTube if yo...

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