Ohio River Action:Fishing for Blue catfish around mussel beds


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This was video was shot on the Cannelton pool just 20 miles down river from the McAlpine dam in Louisville KY.
http://monsterrodholders.com/ I was using frozen skip jack cut in small pieces. i was fishing in about 35 foot of water on the deep water flats using both a suspended and dragging methods. Catching catfish on both type of rigs.

In the summer months on rivers such as the Ohio river the deep flats provide a great food source that blue cats love. That food source is mussels.
Find a good mussel bed on the deep water flats and you will not have to go nowhere else the rest of the day as the cats of all sizes will roam these flats in good numbers scavenging through the gravel/sand/mud mixed bottom for these small hard shell morsels.
The bluecats will eat these mussels, absorb their flesh and later either regurgitate or evacuate the shells. It’s not uncommon to have loads of zebra mussel shells that the cats have left me in my live tank after a tournament.
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